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We are a team of fishing enthusiasts

Welcome to the world of fishing. We share your passion for everything fishing. Our team is immersed in the lifestyle of angling and all that comes with it. Like you, we’ve been doing this for years and wanted to bring an informative outlet to the masses. An opportunity to share stories, secrets, and failures; the fish lost and landed in an interactive setting. We’re your online outlet,  beyond the end of the day beer or hot cup of coffee to share and connect in a relaxed setting. We live it, breathe it, and can’t wait for the next day on the water, just like you. This is a place for us to connect in between outings. We’re the online back porch for fisherman, the dusty bar, the place to go for a good conversation and maybe the ticket to a lights out fishing day your next time out. We keep it casual always. We’re all in the same boat, and we celebrate the angling lifestyle that wakes us up every morning with a new perspective and the hope for a monumental day on whatever water you love.

It can be easy and comfortable to take a day off from getting out and fishing. That’s especially true during inclement weather. We envision this to be a place for fisherman who decide to “couch it”, but also a celebration to those who “push it”. We don’t have any absurd sponsorship money behind this project, we just do it because we love the sport. Whether you decide to relax, or fish in non-ideal conditions, we hope this is the online place you go to share your stories and get your information.

Meet Our Team

  • Adam Steinbacher
    Adam SteinbacherFounder

    The “Stein Man” grew up fishing and it morphed into a passion. After years in the online world, he decided to start a website for anglers and fisherman to connect. He loves the sport, the lifestyle, and the people he’s met through his life as an angler, many who are involved in the upkeep of this site. He’ll talk fishing with anybody, and it’s hard to find a day when he’s not on the water somewhere, or at least wishing he was.

    • Matt Fuderer
      Matt FudererMidwest Trophy Hunter

      “Fud”, is how we know this guy. He wins the award for most casts in a span of one minute. If this guy’s in a boat or on the shore, he’s slinging for fish. Nobody can keep up. He usually gets more strikes than anybody else he’s fishing with, strictly cause he always has a bait or fly in the water. Ninja award goes to this guy, hands down.

      • Eric Tofolo
        Eric TofoloTrout Specialist

        This guy here. He hunts trout in the Western US, BIG trout. This dude is fearless, meticulous with his scouting, and is always on trophy fish when he hits the water. He knows river flows, bug patterns, and gear like the back of his hand. “Tuf” as his friends call him, is from rural upstate NY and knows big fish. He’s as knowledgeable as most fly fishing guides in the Rocky Mountains, if not more. His beard is epic and you’d be wise to take his advice on fishing the Western states of America.

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